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Iditarod Lodge


Every 3rd Thursday

Every 3rd Thursday

5401 E Mayflower Lane, Wasilla AK 99654

Community highlight

Vidalia Onions are SOLD OUT! A big thank you to the Wasilla community for stopping by!

Thanks in-part to the support of Iditarod Lodge #20, Nashville Artist Hope Cassity will be returning to Alaska for her 2024 residency tour! Stay tuned for updates and check her out at

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Photo gallery

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Learn about our lodge

History of Iditarod Lodge #20

Iditarod Lodge #20 F&AM meets at 5401 E Mayflower Lane in Wasilla, Alaska.  They received their dispensation from the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Alaska on March 11, 1995.  On April 11, 1996, then Grand Master Lloyd Triggs issued their charter. Over the last 26 years Iditarod #20 has met in several locations in the Big Lake area, but its focus has remained the same: to help good men be better and to serve the community.  

From selling onions, to donating bikes in support of local youth reading programs, sponsoring sports teams, or just helping their neighbors, you can find these masons, like all masons everywhere,  contributing to their communities.


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Why do men become Masons?

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"Today, almost 57 years later, I don't know that I can point to any one thing that prompted me to become a Mason.  As a teen I had the opportunity to become involved in Demolay, an organization for young men sponsored and supported by the Masonic fraternity.  After being on my own for a few years I encountered an individual who had been one of the adult advisors for my Demolay Chapter.  He introduced me to his lodge brothers.  In meeting those men I found a community of men who shared the same values and beliefs I had come to expect of my fellow man.  In the ensuing years my career has taken me to work in over 20 different States and in two other countries.  Everywhere I have traveled I have been able contact the Masonic fraternity in the new location and meet new friends and brothers enabling me and my family to fit in and feel at home..."
“My attraction to Freemasonry began with a college fraternity brother of mine. His father was heavily involved in Masonry in Oklahoma, and my fraternity brother was taking the degrees while in college. This piqued my interest in Masonry. Once my wife and I settled in Juneau and decided to make Alaska our home, I decided to pursue it. I took to the ritual, philosophy and brotherhood like a fish to water, and have been as active as I could be since 2011...”
“There are several reasons I became a Mason: brotherhood, fellowship, camaraderie and a sense of belonging are the primary reasons. It would be difficult to pick just one reason that I became a Mason, but the main reason would be the sense of being and camaraderie one feels when you are part of an organization that does so much good throughout our community...”
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Dinner and fellowship

Stated Meetings 3rd Thursday @ 7PM


We are dark for summer, no stated meetings for those months.

Call for inquiries.


Mailing address:

PO Box 873892

Wasilla, AK 99687


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5401 E Mayflower Lane

Wasilla 99654

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Contact the lodge

Thanks for submitting!

PO Box 873892

Wasilla, AK 99687

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Stated Meeting

Thinking of visiting our lodge?

Blue Smoke

Masonic values

A Moral Code

Iditarod Masonic Lodge #20 and Freemasons as whole, believe in honor and that a man has a responsibility to behave honorably in everything he does. Freemasonry teaches its members the principles of personal decency and personal responsibility. It hopes to inspire them to have charity and good will toward all mankind, and to translate principles and convictions into action.


Our masonic lodge strives to help the community with our charity donations and much more. All masons, are always devoted to the promotion of the welfare and happiness of all mankind. Freemasonry as a whole, teaches its members that unselfishness is a duty and that it’s not only more blessed to give than to receive, but also more rewarding.


Freemasonry teaches a system of morality and brotherhood by the use of symbols and dramatic presentations. It encourages its members to expand their knowledge of the world around them. At Masonic Iditarod Lodge #20, we encourage masonic community and companionship to help you learn every step of the way.

Religious - Not A Religion

Freemasons believe in the brotherhood of man, under the fatherhood of God. Freemasonry isn’t a religion, but it is religious because it requires its members to have faith in a Supreme Being, according to the individual Mason’s belief. It’s not a sectarian organization and does not promote one religion over another. Masonic ceremonies describe a moral code, using basic principles that are common to all religions.

Social Responsibility

Freemasonry stands for the reverence of God and the proper place of individual faith in society; for truth and justice; for fraternity and philanthropy; and for orderly civil, religious, and intellectual liberty. It charges each of its members to be true and loyal to the government of the country to which he owes allegiance and to be obedient to the law of any state in which he may reside.


One of the first rules of Freemasonry forbids the discussion in Masonic meetings of religious matters and politics — topics likely to cause personal arguments. It’s also against the fundamental principles of Freemasonry for Masonic organizations to take political action or attempt to influence elections or legislation.

Equality Among Members

Freemasonry regards no man for his worldly wealth, social status, or outward appearance. Kings, princes and sultans have been Masons. So have paperboys, bin-men, factory workers, and fast-food fry cooks. Once invited to join, even on your first day, you're standing tall, as an equal, with the collective masons of Masonic Iditarod Lodge #20.

Masonic Values

Forget-Me-Not #19
Order of the Eastern Star


Eastern Star is an appendant body of Freemasonry, open to all Masons, their wives, daughters, sisters and cousins. Meetings are the first and third Monday of each month. 6:30pm for dinner, meeting at 7:00pm. There are NO MEETINGS between June  20th and September 5th. Interested in joining the Order? Call Sister Iris Crothers, 907-317-4454. 


Meetings are occasionally cancelled.  Please call to confirm before attending. 907-373-5505

Meeting location:

Anchorage Masonic Temple

1431 Eagle St.

Anchorage, AK 99501

Eligible non-members are welcome to attend dinner and discuss the organization.

Eastern Star
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